Account Information

Histopathology (tissue biopsy pathology) is a labour-intensive, minimally-automated branch of Pathology.  Histolab is a private specialist pathology provider, and as such does not automatically bulk-bill its services. 

Outpatient (specimen obtained in doctor’s surgery):  In most circumstances (unless you are a Veterans Affairs Gold Card holder), you will receive an account for pathology services provided by Histolab, usually including an Out of Pocket amount (not covered by Medicare).  The amount will vary depending on the number and complexity of specimens received.  The range of out of pocket expense will be $30 - $150.  The higher fee will be for the most complex specimens only.  If you are a Pensioner or Health Care Card holder, you may be eligible for a discount on our normal fees.

Inpatient (specimen obtained while in hospital, including day procedure centre):  Histolab has entered into agreements with the majority of private health funds.  This means that should you belong to one of the “no gap” health funds listed below, Histolab will bill that health fund directly and you will not receive an account, for any pathology received as a result of a procedure performed by your doctor in a hospital or accredited day procedure facility.

Histolab Direct Billing No Gap Private Health Fund List  (as at 1 September 2014)

ACA Health Benefits Fund, Australian Unity Health Limited, BUPA, CBHS Health Fund Limited, Central West Health Cover, CUA Health Limited, Defence Health, Emergency Services Health (ESH), GMF Health, HBA (BUPA), HCF, Health Care Insurance Limited,, Health Partners, Latrobe Health Services, MBF (BUPA), Mutual Community (BUPA), MyOwn Health Insurance, Navy Health Limited, NMW Nurses & Midwives, Onemedifund, Peoplecare Health Insurance, Phoenix Health Fund Limited, Police Health, Queensland Country Health Fund Limited, Reserve Bank Health Society, RT Health Fund, St Lukes Health, Teachers Health Fund, Teachers Union Health, The Doctors' Health Fund, Transport Health, Westfund

Please note that as of 1/9/14, Medibank Private and Australian Health Management (AHM) have chosen not to renew contracts with Histolab.  They join nib and GMHBA as the other major funds choosing not to negotiate with Histolab for direct billing of their clients.  You may wish to reconsider your choice of health fund to one of the others listed above.

Should you belong to one of the small number of funds not listed above, which have chosen not to enter into direct billing arrangements with Histolab, you will receive an account from us.  The range of out of pocket  expense will be $40 - $200.  The higher fee will be for the most complex specimens only.  We ask that you please pay your account, after which you will be issued with a receipt.  You can then claim the appropriate refund from Medicare +/- your private health fund.

Please note that these thresholds will not necessarily be reached, and that our fees are below those recommended by the AMA.

Your account is payable within 14 days, and may be paid by one of the following methods:

  1. Direct deposit (details on the invoice – please quote surname and account number)
  2. Cheque
  3. Credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) – mail or telephone
  4. In person at our laboratory

 Should you require further information relating to your histopathology specimen, please contact us during business hours.