Our Services


We offer a range of Anatomical Pathology services:

  • Histopathology
  • Dermatopathology
  • Frozen section examination (intra-operative diagnosis)
  • Special histochemical staining
  • Immunohistochemistry

                 *Direct Immunofluorescence



Histolab Pty Ltd is an independent, pathologist-owned and managed pathology laboratory and practice, specialising in  tissue pathology (histopathology).  The laboratory was established in 2009 and commenced testing in February 2010.  The laboratory is fully accredited for the provision of histopathology services by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities), in conjunction with the RCPA (Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia).  The laboratory is also enrolled in the relevant modules of Quality Assurance Programme (QAP) of the RCPA.  The Pathologists and staff are committed to providing the highest quality pathology service possible to our referring doctors and patients.


We pride ourselves on a highly personalised service to our referring doctors.  The laboratory currently deals predominantly with biopsy specimens received from specialist plastic surgeons and dermatologists, with smaller numbers from other specialities.


The dermatopathologists have expertise in the full range of skin tumour pathology and also the diagnosis of inflammatory dermatoses (rashes) including alopecia.


Criteria for accepting or rejecting specimens

Histolab accepts specimens for general histopathology only.  We do not accept specimens for general pathology services (eg. biochemistry, haematology, microbiology, cytology or molecular testing). Any test requests that fall out of our scope of testing will be referred to a NATA accredited laboratory.


Specimen collection guide

Download our Specimen Collection Guide below. It contains important instructions for specimen labelling, request form completion as well as guidelines for specimen collection, storage and transport.


Complementary services

  • Direct pathologist consultation - highly personalised service to our referring doctors where our pathologists are always available for consultation.
  • Concise and timely reporting - timely turnaround of reports, ensuring earliest delivery of results to the referring doctor and ultimately the patient.
  • Online Results portal - direct access to Histolab's results from any location via our web based portal, https://histolab.mocloud.com.au
  • Tailored report format delivery - reports may be received in hard copy (hand delivered and/or fax) and/or by electronic download.
  • Transportation of specimens - ring the laboratory to arrange for specimens to be collected from doctor's rooms and hospital operating theatres by our professional Histolab couriers.

            *Urgent specimens - please ring the laboratory or pathologist directly, indicating the reason for urgency.

            *Fresh specimens - please ring the laboratory and indicate the reason for the fresh specimen and suitability for Histolab.



If you have a complaint or comment about any aspect of our service, please contact us by telephone or email, requesting contact with the relevant manager.  This will be documented as an incident, reported at monthly operations and quality meetings and resolved as quickly as possible.  Feedback will be provided to you as to the status of the resolution.


Download MSDS-Histopots.pdf

Download MSDS-Michel-s-Transport-Medium.pdf

Download LAB-F-60-Specimen-collection-guide.pdf