Patient Information

Please be aware that the results from your biopsy specimen will be delivered to your specialist doctor, with a copy to your GP if so requested, and to the relevant Hospital Information Service (if the specimen was obtained as an inpatient).  They are the only authorised recipients of our reports.  Please contact them directly to discuss these results.  Our staff are not at liberty to release these results to you directly, and this forms part of our privacy policy.

Histolab's receipt of your specimen indicates provision of your consent to us to collect and record your data, so that we can generate a confidential report of your biopsy findings for your doctor (and Hospital Information service, if relevant), and for the purposes of generating an invoice to you (where applicable).  For further information on your privacy, please see the Privacy Statement.

For information on your account with us and our billing policy, please refer to “Account Information.”

Your biopsy (tissue sample) has been sent to Histolab for evaluation and reporting.  Your specimen is transported to the laboratory by a dedicated Histolab courier.  The specimen is given a unique identification number on arrival.  It is then examined, described and sampled macroscopically (by either a pathologist or scientist), before being processed in a machine.  Very thin sections of tissue are then sliced by a scientist, placed on labeled glass slides and stained.  The completed slides are then examined (under the microscope) by the pathologist, who makes a diagnosis and issues a report of the pathology findings to your doctor.

Your Pathologist is a medically-trained Specialist Doctor, with multiple years of postgraduate training, has obtained Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (FRCPA) and has more than a decade of post-fellowship experience.  Your doctor has, in effect, referred you to your Pathologist for a specialist medical opinion.  You can be assured that your biopsy has been thoroughly examined personally by your Pathologist, and your pathology report is issued by the Pathologist, not a machine.