We endeavour to provide the patient with informed consent outlining our billing policy.  We understand that you don’t want to have to explain our fees to your patients, so we encourage you to give them our tear-off account information leaflets, or direct them to this website.  Do not hesitate to let us know should you have any specific billing requests for a particular patient, or your patients as a group. 

Histolab has entered into agreements with the majority of private health funds.  This means that should your patient belong to one of the "no gap" health funds listed on our "Health Fund Agreements" document, Histolab will bill that fund directly and they will not receive an account, for any pathology received as a result of a procedure performed by you in a hospital or accredited day procedure facility.  

For Bulk billing of Outpatients it is a Medicare requirement for the patient to sign the Pathology Request form, providing consent for the benefit to be paid.

Further billing information can be found on the "Patients" page. Please note that as of 1/9/2014, Medibank Private and Australian Health Management (AHM) have chosen not to renew contracts with Histolab.  They join NIB and GMHBA as the other major funds choosing not to negotiate with Histolab for direct billing of their clients.  You may wish to point this out to your patients and suggest they consider joining one of the participating funds instead.

Download - Health Fund Agreements

Reports may be received in hard copy (courier-delivered to your rooms and/or fax), or by electronic download, or both should you choose. 

Histolab uses Medical-Objects to deliver our electronic reports via Australia’s fastest secure point-to-point messaging network. Receiving reports electronically from Histolab requires your practice to have the Medical-Objects download client installed.  

To request electronic reports, download and complete the application form below. 

Download - Electronic Reports Application Form

Online results is a web solution that provides a simple but secure means of accessing your results from any location and/or device.

To request access to the Online Results web portal, download and complete the registration form below. Please note, this service is only available to referring doctors.

Download - Online Results Registration Form
Hard Copy
Electronic Download
Online results (Web portal)
Online Results Login
Criteria for accepting or rejecting specimens

Histolab accepts specimens for general histopathology only.  We do not accept specimens for general pathology services (eg. biochemistry, haematology, microbiology, cytology or molecular testing). Any test requests that fall out of our scope of testing will be referred to a NATA accredited laboratory.

Specimen collection guide

Our Specimen Collection Guide contains important instructions for specimen labelling, request form completion as well as guidelines for specimen collection, storage and transport.

Urgent specimens - please ring the laboratory or pathologist directly, indicating the reason for urgency.

Fresh specimens - please ring the laboratory and indicate the reason for the fresh specimen and suitability for Histolab.  

Download - Specimen Collection Guide
Download - MSDS Histopots
Download - MSDS Michel's Transport Medium
Download - Pathology Request Form

If you have a complaint or comment about any aspect of our service, please contact us by telephone or email, requesting contact with the relevant manager.  This will be documented as an incident, reported at monthly operations and quality meetings and resolved as quickly as possible.  Feedback will be provided to you as to the status of the resolution.